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Shorts With Legs

1h 43m Shorts 2020

The experimental and the esoteric; shorts that upset conventions and defy expectations.

Düsseldorf Dir. Mike Lars White, USA, Texas Premiere Emergency Action Plan Dir. Dylan Redford, USA, Texas Premiere Hipolita Dir. Everardo Felipe, Mexico, World Premiere How to Re-Caulk Your Tub Dir. Sean Pierce, USA, Austin Premiere **Lusty Crest **Dir. Kati Skelton, USA Mickey Reece’s Belle Île Dir. Mickey Reece, USA, World Premiere They Salivate Dir. Arianne Boukerche, France, Austin Premiere Unfinished Business Dir. Mary Dauterman, USA, Texas Premiere



Bonus Content

Preshow and bumpers


Classic Alamo preshow, FF logo, bumpers, classic Don’t Talk, Alamo-at-Home Quiet Zone

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