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Sleepless Night

1h 43m Thriller 2011

He took their drugs. They took his son. A hugely entertaining, white-knuckle thriller set over the course of one, long, sleepless night for dad.

Vincent is a well-respected cop, as well as a devoted husband and father. But below the surface of his idyllic life, Vincent is involved with a very dangerous group of gangsters and drug dealers. When Vincent and his partner are caught stealing a massive quantity of cocaine from a powerful drug lord, the darker side of Vincent’s life threatens to destroy his family and career. In a race against the clock, Vincent must return the drugs in order to save his son’s life. This proves to be easier said than done, as the world around him seems to conspire to keep Vincent from doing what is necessary to protect his son.

Set over the course of one night in a massive nightclub, Frederic Jardin’s film is a smart and endlessly entertaining thriller. The energy and drive of this film are utterly contagious, making it impossible not to get swept up in Vincent’s dilemma. Filled with fantastic action sequences, strong performances, and a thrilling visual style, Jardin’s film is a thoroughly original crowd-pleaser.


Frederic Jardin




France, Belgium


Tribeca Film

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