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Stage Mother

1h 33m Comedy, Drama, Music 2020

Grieving the loss of her son, Texas church choir director Maybelline does what any mother would do, and heads to San Francisco to save his drag club!

When conservative Texas church-choir director Maybelline (Jacki Weaver, ANIMAL KINGDOM) inherits her recently deceased son’s drag club, she surprises her closed-minded husband and everyone else by moving alone to San Francisco to save the club from bankruptcy.

In this raucous, racy new environment, she opens up and finds new meaning in her life, even becoming a mother figure to the club’s flamboyant performers… until a surprise visit threatens to upend her new world.

A dance-in-your-seat, music-infused comedy-drama that boasts a fiery supporting cast, including Lucy Liu, Adrian Grenier, Mya Taylor and drag superstar Jackie Beat.


Thom Fitzgerald


Brad Hennig



Closed Captions [CC]

English captions


United States, Canada



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