Stagefright (1987)

  • Horror, Cult
  • 1h 30m

Horror film actor Michele Soavi’s directorial debut — from a script by George Eastman (PORNO HOLOCAUST) — was this stylish giallo thriller about an escaped lunatic terrorizing the cast of a stage musical who get locked in a theater after dark. David Brandon, Barbara Cupisti, and perennial victim Giovanni Lombardo Radice (aka John Morghen) lead the cast, most of whom spend their time sniping at each other with amusingly typical backstage cruelty. The murder scenes are the film’s primary attraction, artfully handled by Soavi in set pieces such as a blue-lighted stage strewn with feather-covered bodies.

“Boasts inventive kills, strong direction, and creepy sequences.” — Final Girl


Michele Soavi





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30 mins
Alamo Experience Preshow - STAGEFRIGHT

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