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Straight to Hell

1h 26m Western, Cult, Music 1987

A heady blend of punk music and westerns with a cast that will unhinge your jaw, all conceived by the madman anarchist of cinema, Alex Cox.

An HD restored extended directors-cut edition of Alex Cox’s (REPO MAN; SID AND NANCY) legendary cult classic. Four hapless bank robbers bury their loot and attempt to hide out in a deserted desert town, but soon find out that the town is not really deserted. Norwood (Sy Richardson, REPO MAN), Simms (Joe Strummer of The Clash) and Willy (Dick Rude, REPO MAN) are three black-suited killers-for-hire.

The insane cast includes Courtney Love, The Pogues, Grace Jones, Dennis Hopper, Elvis Costello, Kathy Burke (ABOLUTELY FABULOUS) — and not just Xander Berkeley (APOLLO 11), but also Zander Schloss of the Circle Jerks as the wiener boy (once you hear his song, you will remember if for the rest of your life).

STRAIGHT TO HELL is an unforgettable synthesis of Alex Cox’s three great loves: punk, westerns and anarchy.

_“One untamed, weird ride.” _- Popmatters


Alex Cox


Dick Rude


Alex Cox




United States


Kino Lorber

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