Strike Dear Mistress and Cure His Heart! (2018)

  • Drama, Mystery
  • 1h 11m

Inspired in part by Ingmar Bergman’s AUTUMN SONATA and proceeding with a detached and dryly hilarious severity reminiscent of Yorgos Lanthimos, STRIKE DEAR MISTRESS AND CURE HIS HEART! concerns the acidic reunion of a famous pianist (Mary Buss) and her estranged daughter (Audrey Wagner) within the uncanny corridors of a run-down Victorian hotel.

As writer/director Mickey Reece places these characters in a pervasively unnerving atmosphere, rife with theatrical explosions of emotion and the discordant timbre of Nicholas Poss’ magnificently manic score, he also confidently weaves in a surreal parade of peculiar digressions that deliriously teeter from comic pantomime to tableaus of abject horror. The result is an offbeat and oft-chilling confluence of ingredients that’s guaranteed to simultaneously baffle, delight, and captivate those with an appetite for the unusual.


MIckey Reece


Mickey Reece




United States


Mickey Reece