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Suedehead (2015)

Drama, Comedy 1h 10m 2015

Kenny Walker (Mason Giles) has a ten-step plan to get his life back together following a decade of jail time, but best laid plans go awry for the aspiring musician when he discovers that his girlfriend has moved on, his band has jumped scenes, and the only job his doting mother (Brenda Stacey) was able to get him is a security shift at a decrepit shopping mall under the supervision of a straight-laced square (Jacob Snovel). When a local mobster (John Selvidge), impressed by Kenny’s criminal record, offers a mysterious opportunity, the jaded ex-con is confronted with a moral dilemma that risks him losing everything all over again. One of Mickey Reece’s most acerbic comedies, SUEDEHEAD’s quirky trajectory is rife with hilarious digressions and endearingly vivid characters.


MIckey Reece


Mickey Reece


John Selvidge




United States


Divide / Conquer

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