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Taxi Hunter

1h 29m Thriller, Drama, Action 1993

Anthony Wong is a mild-mannered insurance salesman, but in a world of truly irredeemable cabbies, there's no other option. It's open season.

Released a mere five months after Michael Douglass decimated construction sites with his rocket launcher in FALLING DOWN, TAXI HUNTER ramped up the vigilante intensity even further, far enough to be branded with the infamous CAT III label in Hong Kong (admission forbidden for those under 18).

Kin, (Anthony Wong) has a good life - there’s a promotion on the horizon at work, his wife is about to have a son, he has good friends, a solid paycheck, a lovely home.

The only thing that seems out of alignment is just how unbearably shitty the taxi drivers are. After repeated minor offenses, when a cabbie truly steps way over the line, there’s really only one option. Full-on vigilante mode. And nobody goes full-psycho like the legendary Anthony Wong.


Herman Yau






Hong Kong



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