The Beyond (1981)

  • Horror
  • 1h 27m


Fulci’s THE BEYOND is an Italian horror epic and a galaxy-shaking tour de force. When an abandoned Louisiana hotel is re-opened, new owner Liza (Katherine MacColl, THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY) discovers that things aren’t right… partly because the hotel is a gateway to human extinction due to eyeless zombies, possessed tarantulas, and toxic Slurpees.

The apex of Fulci’s “Gates Of Hell” trilogy, THE BEYOND feels like what would happen inside Salvador Dali’s brain if he chugged acid and watched THE SHINING. As you’d expect with any gore-fest that bears the Fulci name, this movie is rife with gorgeous photography, epic mythology, and killer synth-prog earthquakes courtesy the great Fabio Frizzi.

“The very thesis here is that viewing life as more than a linear path from birth to death — no matter how joyous or sad — is just a more comfortable form of entropy. And what happens when even that system is erased? This is pure horror brilliance.” - Midwest Film Journal


Lucio Fulci








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