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The Black Cat

1h 32m Horror, Mystery 1981

A re-imagining of the classic Edgar Allan Poe tale soaked in Lucio Fulci's signature visceral violence.

_“Immensely enjoyable, beautifully filmed by Sergio Salvati and supported by a wonderful Pino Donaggio score” _- Stephen Thrower, Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci

From Italy’s own Godfather of Gore, Lucio Fulci (ZOMBIE; THE GATES OF HELL), comes THE BLACK CAT, a gruesome re-imagining of the classic Edgar Allan Poe tale starring Patrick Magee (A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) and Mimsy Farmer (THE PERFUME OF THE LADY IN BLACK).

When a young couple goes missing in a sleepy English village, Scotland Yard Inspector Gorley (David Warbeck, THE BEYOND) is brought in to assist on the case. But what starts off as routine investigation turns into a murder inquiry when the couple are found dead under very mysterious circumstances.

Fusing a classically gothic atmosphere with the decidedly more visceral elements that are the hallmark of Fulci’s films, THE BLACK CAT is too-often overlooked and underrated entry in the Italian master filmmaker’s canon.


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