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The Celebration

1h 46m Dark Comedy 1998

Blisteringly original dark humor as only the Danes can do. Dogme film #1 is back in circulation for the first time in years.

Winner, Grand Jury Prize, Cannes Film Festival 1998

It’s Helge Klingenfeldt’s much-anticipated sixtieth birthday party, but no one is ready for the bombshell about to be delivered by his oldest son, Christian - a dark family secret that contributed to his twin sister’s recent suicide.

Helge Klingenfeldt (Henning Moritzen) is a respected Danish patriarch whose country estate is the scene of a grand celebration. Friends and relatives have arrived. The staff has prepared the most succulent foods to be served with the finest wines. Even Helge’s squabbling adult children seem to be on their best behavior: free-spirited Helene (Paprika Steen), hot-blooded Michael (Thomas Bo Larsen), and sensitive Christian (Ulrich Thomsen) whose birthday toast turns the genteel celebration into a surprise party from hell.







Bonus Content

Celebration Introduction from Thomas Vinterberg


An introduction to The Celebration from director Thomas Vinterberg wherein he discusses the foundation and ideas behind Dogme 95.

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