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The Dallas Connection

1h 34m Action, Crime 1994

Scientists in charge of a sophisticated, state-of-the-art satellite weapon-tracking system are being assassinated.

“Spies, Lies, & Thighs!”

“It’s a Sidaris film so you know that everyone’s inevitably going to end up in the bayous, blowing stuff up.” – Lisa Marie Bowman, Through the Shattered Lens

In a rare non-Hawaiian entry from supreme megamaster exploitationeer Andy Sidaris, esteemed scientists in charge of a futuristic satellite weapon-tracking system are being creatively annihilated before a major scientific convention in Dallas. As much action-packed violence and nudity as a misanthropic pervert could ever dream of!


Andy Sidaris


Arlene Sidaris




United States


Malibu Bay Films

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