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The Damned

1h 23m Kung Fu 1977

A man attempts to buy his girlfriend out of the brothel by hijacking a silver shipment. The plan goes south and the kicks start flying.

Original Title Bo Ming AKA Black Hornet AKA Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver AKA Battle of Shaolin AKA Snake in Eagle’s Shadow 3

The legendary Lo Leih and Angela Mao star in this classic adventure: when a heist (with noble intentions) gone awry there are consequences to pay. The script that owes a strong dept to the spaghetti western tradition. Directed by Pao-Shu Kao (Jade Fox), one of the very few female directors of classic martial arts films. Pao-Shu Kao co-wrote the tight script with legendary martial arts screenwriter Kuang Ni (36th Chamber of Shaolin, Return to the 36th Chamber, Five Fingers of Death and MANY more).

To free his girlfriend from her contract with a greedy madam, Shang Li (Don Wong) teams up with a cold-blooded thief called the Sparrow (Chiang-lung Wen) to hijack a large shipment of silver. But when the heist suddenly goes bad, Shang Li finds himself with blood on his hands and a price on his head.


Pao-Shu Kao


Pao-Shu Kao


Kuang Ni






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