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The Dark (1979)

Horror, Thriller 1h 31m 1979

“A smorgasbord of ‘70s-flavored insanity.” - Kindertrauma

By night, The Mangler stalks the streets of Los Angeles, killing and mutilating random victims. On the trail are a TV reporter, the father of one of the victims, and a police detective, but despite their efforts only the mysterious psychic DeRenzy knows what the killer is and how to stop it…

A panorama of self-annihilating laser-eyed wildness, THE DARK features a surprise bit-part performance from America’s Top 40 host Casey Kasem, was produced by “America’s Oldest Living Teenager” (R.I.P.) Dick Clark, and half-directed by THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE’s Tobe Hooper before the studio replaced him with mighty stuntman/director John “Bud” Cardos (KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS).


Tobe Hooper


Dick Clark




United States



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