The Dismembered (1962)

  • Horror, Cult
  • 1h 5m

After a daring jewel heist, a trio of thieves hold up in an old dark house inhabited by a motley bunch of restless ghosts that only want to dispatch their new guests in the most horrible manner possible … that is, if they can get to them before the spirits of an unruly group of dismembered corpses from the nearby cemetery do!

This ghoulishly fun, unusual regional horror-comedy directed by Ralph S. Hirshorn was filmed in Philadelphia in 1962, and makes its streaming debut on Alamo On Demand from an all-new 4K scan taken from the only existing 16mm film print. THE DISMEMBERED (aka OSWALD, YOU BOTCHED IT AGAIN!) plays like a cross between Roger Corman and Casper the Friendly Ghost, and has all the charm of the era of American International Pictures and drive-in B movies.

_“An oddball Philadelphia-shot comic horror offering that shoots for the macabre tone of Charles Addams but comes off as something utterly bizarre and all its own.” _ — Mondo Digital




United States


Garagehouse Pictures

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