The Fifth Floor (1978)

  • Horror, Thriller, Exploitation
  • 1h 31m

_“A mixture of creepiness and late ‘70s pop culture craziness.” _— Nathaniel Thompson, MONDO DIGITAL

A cast full of familiar ‘70s character actors brings a legitimate nightmare to life, with all the bells and whistles they could afford during the Carter administration. Imagine you’re out disco dancing one night. We’ll wait. OK. Now imagine that somebody slips you a mickey and you wake up in an insane asylum. Nobody likes being in an insane asylum. This is just a fact of life. The insane aren’t even wild about it. But then, what if you’re basically sane? Then it’s a BIG PROBLEM, and you need to complain to the manager. But then, what if the manager doesn’t do anything? Then you need to take it up the chain, Charlie. All of this stuff happens in this movie, and wow, are you going to be on the edge of your seat until the thrilling conclusion. Free rides home in an unmarked white van. We’re just kidding about that part. See? It’s like this nightmare never ends. (Lars Nilsen)


Howard Avedis




United States



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