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The Green Butchers

1h 40m Comedy, Horror 2004

Two friends leverage everything to open a butcher shop that quickly fails, but when one stumbles upon a secret ingredient, the business booms.

This stellar black comedy from Denmark’s king of the absurd, Anders Thomas Jensen, follows the exploits of Bjarne (Mads Mikkelsen) and Svend (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), two friends who follow their passions, leverage everything they own to open a neighborhood butcher shop. Alas despite the best of intentions, their shop is a dismal failure. But when Svend starts experimenting with a strange new culinary concoction, business picks up – but with such demand, getting ahold of their “secret ingredient” will be more of a challenge than they thought.

A modest hit in Denmark, THE GREEN BUTCHERS has developed a cult following over the years and is continued proof that if you see Mads Mikkelsen in a bad haircut in a Anders Thomas Jensen movie, you ask no further questions, you watch that film.









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