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The Heroic Trio

1h 28m Adventure, Action, martial arts 1993

Three superhero masters journey from the mean streets to the bowels of Hell in Hong Kong’s answer to Tim Burton's Batman.

THE HEROIC TRIO is the ultimate live-action comic book, with no respect for gravity, logic or common decency: ladies fly, babies die and none of it makes a lick of sense, but stars Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui and Maggie Cheung still manage to make all your other superheroes look like a bunch of codpieced crybabies. The plot: someone invisible is kidnapping infants on behalf of a horned weirdo living approximately underground, and only three gorgeous ass-kickers can stop him. What else is there to know? From genre-trampling directorial demigod Johnny To.


Johnny To




Hong Kong

Bonus Content



A little Alamo in your home. Enjoy the preshow before the film.

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