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The High Note

1h 53m Comedy, Drama 2020

Tracee Ellis Ross slays as a musical icon battling the double standards of the record industry.

Breaking into the music biz is tough, but once you’re in, staying on top can be nearly impossible–especially when you’re a woman. From director Nisha Ganatra (LATE NIGHT) comes a film that explores the double standards of the record industry from two very different perspectives.  

Maggie (Dakota Johnson, SUSPIRIA) dreams of producing music while working as the personal assistant to Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross, BLACK-ISH), an iconic singer who hasn’t released a new album in a decade. Every inch the diva, Grace has the misfortune of being a woman over 40, and no one believes she can hit the charts with new material. No one, that is, except for Maggie, who asks Grace to take a chance on her assistant and, more importantly, take a chance on herself. 

Tracee Ellis Ross absolutely slays in the role of Grace Davis, a formidable powerhouse and total boss, while Dakota Johnson shines as the passionate idealist who still believes in the magic of a song. Featuring a dynamic supporting cast that brings down the house (Ice Cube, Bill Pullman, Eddie Izzard and star-on-the-rise Kelvin Harrison Jr., to name a few), THE HIGH NOTE is a charming love letter to music with a candid postscript on its history of sexism.


Nisha Ganatra


Flora Greeson



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