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The Idiots

1h 57m Comedy, Drama 1998

A group of friends gather at a house in the Copenhagen suburbs to break all the limitations and to bring out the "inner idiot" in themselves.

Not everyone’s cup of tea and, indeed, not a cup of tea at all, but one of those extremely rare films that aren’t content to leave the cinema as they found it. - Independent on Sunday

The first Dogme film of enfant terrible Lars von Trier challenges viewers to reexamine their social mores and cinema habits of voyeurism and pleasure. - Emanuel Levy

Karen (Bodil Jørgensen) is dining alone at a crowded restaurant when a group of disabled patrons enters and rather gleefully disrupts every other patron’s dining experience. Discerning that they are not what they seem, Karen returns with the group to the large communal house they inhabit together. This group of intellectuals is attempting to challenge bourgeois ideology by behaving like “idiots” in public. Karen, however, may take the act further than any of them had planned.

THE IDIOTS debuted alongside THE CELEBRATION at Cannes in 1998, firmly planting the flag for Von Trier as both a grinning, anti-establishment film provocateur but also as an extraordinary creative.


Lars Von Trier


Lars Von Trier







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