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The Illusionist (2006)

Mystery, Arthouse, History, Drama, Fantasy 1h 43m 2006

Oscar nominees Paul Giamatti (SIDEWAYS) and Edward Norton (FIGHT CLUB) lead an all-star cast that includes Jessica Biel (NEXT), Rufus Sewell (DARK CITY), Eddie Marsan (DEADPOOL 2) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (KICK-ASS) in this ‘stunning’ film that conjures an exhilarating blend of suspense, romance, and mind-bending twists from the Academy Award-winning producers of CRASH and writer/director Neil Burger (THE UPSIDE, DIVERGENT).

The acclaimed illusionist Eisenheim (Norton) has not only captured the imaginations of all of Vienna, but also the interest of the ambitious Crown Prince Leopold (Sewell). But when Leopold’s new fiancée (Biel) rekindles a childhood fascination with Eisenheim, the prince’s interest evolves into obsession … and suddenly the city’s Chief Inspector (Giamatti) finds himself investigating a shocking crime. But even as the inspector engages him in a dramatic challenge of wills, Eisenheim prepares for his most impressive illusion yet in this mesmerizing and beautifully acted film.

“A magical and engrossing experience where nothing is ever what it seems.” — Matthew Lucas, The Lexington, N.C. Dispatch


Neil Burger







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