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The Intruder (1975)

Horror 1h 27m 1975

Unreleased and lost for more than 40 years, now streaming for the first time ever, on Alamo On Demand!

Mickey (THE MANIPULATOR) Rooney, Yvonne (THE MUNSTERS) De Carlo, Ted (THE ADDAMS FAMILY) Cassidy star, along with Chris (STANLEY) Robinson — who also wrote, produced & directed — in a grisly tale of greed, murder and irrational madness. The lust for gold brings 11 visitors to a remote island retreat, but an unseen, seemingly unstoppable evil follows to stalk them one by one. The bodies don’t stop dropping until the final shattering conclusion. Who — or what — is the intruder? One thing is for certain: it will not stop until it kills them all!

A never-before-released 1975 proto-slasher horror shocker appearing for the first time courtesy of Garagehouse Pictures in a painstakingly restored HD transfer from the only existing 35mm film print!

“Well directed and suspenseful, making great use of fantastic locations, and offering up bloody thrills along the way.” — Rock! Shock! Pop!


Chris Robinson




United States


Garagehouse Pictures

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