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The Matrix (1999)

Action, Sci-Fi 2h 16m 1999

Nobody knew the answer when posters hit cinemas in 1999, asking: “What is the Matrix?” And nobody could even begin to imagine the movie that followed. Enter THE MATRIX: one of the most influential movies of all time for both science fiction and action – and a movie that changed how we view the very reality around us.

Keanu Reeves got his most iconic role as a man living two lives. By day, he’s Thomas A. Anderson, computer programmer; by night, Neo, computer hacker; at all times, unsure whether he’s awake or still dreaming. When he gets too deep into an online conspiracy, he’s pursued by shadowy authorities and taken in by mysterious and legendary hacker Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), a man who will inform him of the shocking truth about the reality Anderson takes for granted.

THE MATRIX saw directors the Wachowskis burst onto the worldwide scene with a mind-blowing combination of dense philosophy, innovative action, and unforgettable sci-fi iconography. Spawning two sequels, multiple video games, and countless books unpacking the films’ ideas and questions, THE MATRIX was a cinematic revolution like few others.

Today, THE MATRIX stands as an all-time classic, somehow still thrilling and radical despite years of imitation and parody. After two decades, the Wachowskis’ magnum opus can still open our minds – and kick us through a damn brick wall.


Lana Wachowski


Lilly Wachowski






Warner Bros

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