The Point (1971)

  • Family, Animation, Musical, Cult
  • 1h 30m

Years ago, there was a place called The Land of Point, because everything in The Land of Point had one: the barns, the houses, the cars, everything, even the people. Everyone in The Land of Point had a point at the top of its head. Everyone, that is, except Oblio, who was born round-headed. Since he had no point, Oblio, along with his trusty dog, Arrow, was banished to the Pointless Forest. Join them to see what wonders await these two intrepid travelers as they make their way on their amazing, song-filled journey of discovery!

Narrated by Ringo Starr, Nilsson’s cult favorite concept album and film THE POINT turn 50 in 2020 and the film has been released in HD for the first time to commemorate the occasion.

“Its charm, its whimsy, its animated style, and its musical lyricism draw favorable comparisons to The Beatles’ classic YELLOW SUBMARINE as well as the earliest of the beloved PEANUTS TV specials.” — Film Frenzy

“The film’s message about tolerance and self-affirmation should find an audience with today’s youngsters.” — Film Threat


Fred Wolf


Harry Nilsson




United States



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