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The Psychic (1977)

Horror, Mystery 1h 30m 1977

“Fulci demonstrates a masterful command of timing, mood and seductively menacing images.” - Washington Post

While driving alone to her new husband’s Tuscan estate, Virginia Ducci (Jennifer O’Neill) experiences a series of psychic visions. A streak of red light… a yellow taxi… a broken mirror… a dead old woman whose face is streaked in blood… a mysterious hole in a bedroom wall. When she finally arrives at the villa, she starts to recognize objects from her visions, but everything is slightly different than she remembers. Seeing that the spot in the bedroom wall from her vision is intact, she takes a pick axe to it and discovers a body entombed behind the bricks – the body of her husband’s previous lover. Virginia struggles to remember the details of her vision, to find out how the woman died, and to clear her husband’s name. But were her visions echoes of past events… or predictions of things to come?

Lucio Fulci really came up with a brilliant conceit for this film: he dumps all the puzzle pieces on the table right at the beginning of the film and then proceeds to put them together – though they may not form the picture you thought they would. THE PSYCHIC (often known by its more apt and poetic Italian title, SETTE NOTE IN NERO) is an underrated Fulci gem, often overshadowed by his more sensationalist films like THE BEYOND and DON’T TORTURE A DUCKLING. - The Giallo Files


Lucio Fulci




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