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The Source Family (2013)

Documentary, Music 1h 38m 2013

It’s 1971 and communes and new religions are on the rise. The Source Family are an “Aquarian tribe,” a secretive but outlandish group of 140 beautiful young people who stroll Los Angeles in colorful robes, devotees of “Father Yod,” a controversial restaurateur-turned-spiritual leader with 14 wives and his own psychedelic rock band.

The Family lives in a mansion and operates a popular restaurant on the Sunset Strip, serving vegetarian cuisine to musicians and movie stars, pioneering a national trend. But their radical lifestyle instigates the authorities. Their demise is dramatic and painful, but Yod’s spirit lives on.

“This disturbing film is an object lesson in psychological manipulation.” — Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times


Maria Demopoulos


Jodi Wille






United States


Gravitas Ventures

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