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1h 32m Fantastic 2022

Jacky has his grandmother’s gift of healing, but when a woman turns up on his doorstep with an unusual problem, he must decide how far he’ll go.

Jacky lives with his grandmother, a locally renowned energy healer. In a sleepy rural town high in the French Alps, his days are divided between soaking up wisdom from his grandmother on the art of healing and pursuing his own artistic interests: composing ambient experimental music. Jacky is torn between carrying on the family tradition or leaving for the big city to fulfill his dreams of making a living as a musician. When Jacky’s grandmother suddenly passes away and a particularly compelling young woman with a mysterious rash arrives on his doorstep, he has no choice but to stay and try to help. As her condition worsens, it becomes clear that she’s afflicted with no ordinary illness. She’s transforming into something dangerous before his eyes, but he’s already in too deep to abandon her. A subtle fairytale, THE STRANGE CASE OF JACKY CAILLOU brims with an otherworldly atmosphere, transporting us to a place infused with the mystical. This beautifully realized first feature from Lucas Delangle unfolds slowly with both humor and heart. Thomas Parigi, a musician and first-time actor, anchors the film with a mesmerizing performance as the conflicted Jacky. A variety of non-actors populate other roles, giving the film a realistic charm. A personal favorite of mine from Cannes, THE STRANGE CASE OF JACKY CAILLOU is a compelling, lush meditation on love and loss… with a twist. (LISA DREYER)


Lucas Delangle



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