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The Vampire Doll (1970)

Horror, Occult 1h 25m 1970

“It’s the best Japanese vampire film I’ve seen.” - Black Hole

Abounding with images of dark thunderous nights, ghostly mansions and bloody fangs, Michio Yamamoto’s “Bloodthirsty Trilogy” – three vampire movies (VAMPIRE DOLL, LAKE OF DRACULA and EVIL OF DRACULA) that share the same cast and crew – is sure to please both fans of Japanese genre cinema and gothic Hammer horror.

The Trilogy kicks off with THE VAMPIRE DOLL, in which a young man goes missing after visiting his girlfriend’s isolated country home. His sister and her boyfriend trace him to the creepy mansion, but their search becomes perilous when they uncover a gruesome family history.


Michio Yamamoto








Arrow Films

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