The Violent Years (1956)

  • Exploitation
  • 57min

“Equal parts sleazy juvenile delinquent epic and finger-wagging morality play, this bonkers look at ‘50s girls run amuck is best remembered for coming from the twisted pen of none other than Edward D. Wood Jr., fresh from writing and directing the astonishing JAIL BAIT and BRIDE OF THE MONSTER.” - Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

4K preservation from the original 35mm camera negative by AGFA + Something Weird!

“I shot a cop… SO WHAT!” So say the girl gang thrill-killers of Ed Wood’s delirious THE VIOLENT YEARS! Written by legendary Hollywood outsider Edward D. Wood, Jr. (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE), this is the story of Paula Parkins, a good-girl-gone-bad who leads her degenerate teenage hellcats down a path of gas station hijackings, pajama party orgies, and cold-blooded murder! From Wood’s patently deranged dialogue to the scene where the gang performs a “man attack,” THE VIOLENT YEARS is an essential exposé on crime, gender politics, and angora sweater-stealing. Remember: “This is a story of violence!


Ed Wood


William Morgan




United States



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