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The Wolf of Snow Hollow

1h 23m Horror, Comedy, Thriller 2020

Terror grips a small mountain town as bodies are discovered after each full moon.

Officer John Marshall has a lot on his mind. Dealing with a rebellious daughter, a sick dad, a difficult ex-wife and trying to maintain his sobriety, the last thing he needs is his safe, sleepy town being turned upside down by a dead body. But they keep appearing…and is it a coincidence that it happens only after a full moon? Unaccustomed to such violence, the whole town is going to have to band together to find out who, or what, is using Snow Hollow as a hunting ground. After the surprise breakout success story of THUNDER ROAD, Jim Cummings once again proves himself to be a true triple threat, again writing, directing, and starring in his sophomore feature. It’s a delight to see Cummings apply his sensibilities to the horror genre, and he’s brought his signature blend of humor and earnestness to craft a world of unforgettable characters. Notably, the film is legendary actor Robert Forster’s last role, excellent as a gruff, old-school Sheriff, and also includes a striking performance from Ricki Lindhome, as an Officer struggling to be the voice of reason throughout the chaos. Cummings’ sucks you in with charming, snowy vistas and the characters’ engrossing personal problems, making the juxtaposition of the inevitable violence and terror land like a gut punch. Striking just the right balance of drama, comedy and gore, THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW is a one-of-a kind viewing experience, sure to leave its mark on you. (LISA DREYER)


Jim Cummings



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