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They Call Me Bruce (1982)

Comedy, Kung Fu 1h 27m 1982

They said we couldn’t do it! They were wrong! Hot on the heels of the phenomenal success of Super Fuzz comes the second in our series of “Movies That Used To Be Shown on Cable TV All the Time and Now Haunt Our Collective Unconscious Whether We Want Them to Or Not.” Come on out and see Johnny Yune in the hilarious story of an Asian-American lad who (get this) doesn’t know martial arts at all! Of course, everybody thinks he’s the greatest martial arts master of all time. Great plot, huh?

And it will make you laugh until you lose your chop suey. When you see how politically incorrect the humor is here, you’ll ask yourself, “Wow, was 1982 really that long ago?” But you’ll be laughing so hard at the relentless parade of dumb jokes you won’t care WHO gets defamed! Sample joke: “One time I got run over by a Toyota. Oh, what a feeling!” And if that’s not enough, the bad guys are greasy garlic-belching movie eye-talians! (Lars Nilsen)


Elliot Hong







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