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Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison

1h 33m Comedy 2020

An ex convict on parole is set on becoming a world renowned motivational speaker.

Tijuana Jackson (Romany Malco) is embarking on a life-altering journey to become a world-renowned motivational speaker and life coach, with student filmmakers in tow documenting every step (and misstep) of the way.

Fresh out of prison with nowhere to go, TJ moves back home to live with his holy roller mother, Momma Jackson (Lynn Odum) and discovers his sister, Sharea (Tami Roman) and nephew, Lil’ Eric (Alkoya Brunson) have also moved back home and taken over his bedroom. Determined to change and become a role model for his nephew, Tijuana Jackson puts his plan into action with a little marketing advice from his nephew. However, his no-nonsense former girlfriend—who also happens to be his probation officer—Cheryl Wagner (Regina Hall) has other plans, due to her promise to Momma Jackson to keep TJ on the straight and narrow.

Based on Romany Malco’s unapologetically raw and irreverent comedic alter ego, Tijuana Jackson is an insightful and surprisingly disarming character—an underdog you can’t help but root for, even in his most awkward and hilarious moments.


Romany Malco


Romany Malco




United States


Good Deed Entertainment

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