Top Gun (1986)

  • Action, Adventure, Drama
  • 1h 50m

Have you lost that loving feeling? Have you found that your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash? Have you been feeling a need… a need for speed?

We all know there’s only one solution here: high-octane jet battles and sweaty men playing volleyball in full denim jeans set to Kenny Loggins music.

In the role that made him one of the world’s biggest stars, Tom Cruise rides into the Danger Zone in this smash-hit film that defined the modern-day blockbuster. Cruise plays Maverick, a hotshot flier who is sent to the Navy’s prestigious Top Gun program. But in order to become the “best of the best,” he’ll need the help of his wingman Goose (Anthony Edwards) and newfound love (Kelly McGillis). Co-starring Val Kilmer, this high-octane hit will take your breath away.


Tony Scott





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