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Top Knot Detective

1h 26m Cult, Martial Arts, Action, Comedy, Documentary, Adventure 2017

Aliens! Ninjas! Robots! Possibly the greatest cult TV series you’ve never heard of!

Aliens! Ninjas! Robots! Enormous egos! Get ready to enter the world of TOP KNOT DETECTIVE. Possibly the greatest cult TV series you’ve never heard of, TOP KNOT DETECTIVE and its creator Takashi Takamoto come to life in this gonzo “documentary,” an official selection at Fantastic Fest 2017.

As any cult film and TV fan will tell you, Japan is fertile ground for the bizarre. On Japanese airwaves for two seasons, TOP KNOT DETECTIVE was an early foray into TV production from multi-faceted conglomerate Sutaffu — a company with its fingers in everything from housewares to pop singers — who handed control over to the show’s creator and star Takashi Takamoto.

Known in the West thanks only to a brief Australian release, the show itself and the behind-the-scenes story — an epic tale of debauchery and fragile egos — are now pulled into the light thanks to this riotous, sordid tale which gives access not only to Western filmmakers influenced by the original series’ madness, but also extensive cast and crew interviews that give insight into the self-destructive behavior of creator Takamoto.

“This is a hugely entertaining look at a completely neglected talent who deserves to find an audience around the world. It’s also complete and total BS!” — Fantastic Fest


Aaron McCann


Dominic Pearced


Japanese, English, Cantonese




Japan, Australia


Umbrella Entertainment

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