Trailer Trauma (2015)

  • Action, Horror, Cult, Science Fiction, Adventure, Exploitation
  • 2h 17m

TRAILER TRAUMA is an unprecedented orgy of sex, violence, and insanity. Over two hours of rare, ridiculous, horrific, and mind-boggling movie previews, many of which are previously unreleased on DVD or VHS. Never before have cinema-goers seen such an onslaught of pulse-pounding excitement!

Prepare yourselves for an outrageous onslaught of severed limbs, exploding heads, deadly animals, machete-wielding mummies, monstrous mutants, psycho killers and kinky thrillers! Thrill to the action of BLACK FIST, IRON MASTER, and KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! Quiver in horror as you face the DAWN OF THE MUMMY, the REVENGE OF THE LIVING ZOMBIES, and THE INCREDIBLE TORTURE SHOW! Scratch your head at the utter absurdity of DEATH BED, MUTANT WAR, and NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER!

There are other movie preview compilations out there, but only TRAILER TRAUMA contains the ultra-rare titles that you absolutely will not find anywhere else. Prepare yourselves, connoisseurs of cult cinema: TRAILER TRAUMA is going to hurt … but it hurts so good!

“A stunning collection of rare coming attractions! One of the best trailer compilations ever!” — Chris Poggiali, Temple of Schlock








Garagehouse Pictures

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