Trailer War (2012)

  • Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Weird
  • 1h 53m

You may want to have a cornea donor standing by … THIS IS GOING TO BURN!

Unleashed from the vaults of the Alamo Drafthouse, a meticulous selection of the best, strangest, and most amazing coming attraction trailers in the world! Most have never been available in any home format, and all are presented for the first time in high definition. From the high flying, explosive metal mayhem of STUNT ROCK to THUNDER COPS’ disembodied flying head chaos, each 3-minute masterpiece is like a beckoning portal to another, more exciting dimension. It’s a crippling overdose of towering flames, mechanized destruction, lurking fear, poor sexual choices, and spiritual devastation on an apocalyptic scale.

“A good place for fans of trailer compilations to get their kicks.” — The Video Vacuum



Special Features

Joe Dante





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