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Tread (2020)

Documentary 1h 29m 2020

On June 4, 2004, a 63-ton bulldozer, fortified with steel and concrete, systematically destroyed numerous businesses and homes in the small mountain town of Granby, Colorado. The rampage lasted over two hours and resulted in more than $8 million in damage. State and local police were incapable of even slowing the machine. Though it was armed with 3 high-powered firearms, no one but the driver was killed. His name was Marvin Heemeyer. TREAD explores the polarizing perspectives on this man, his motives, and what drove him to the breaking point.

“With a mournful compassion for everyone concerned, Solet delicately probes the fault lines ripped wide open that day by Marv and his bulldozer — whether those faults were there before, or his actions dug them.” — Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle


Paul Solet




United States


Gravitas Ventures

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