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TUFF- Anomalies

3m experimental 2020

When getting ready for a date, nothing goes as planned...

“The story begins with a woman in her apartment bathroom. Scattered makeup lays on the counter, a red blouse hangs behind her, and a pair of earrings sit near the sink. She is getting ready for a date at seven in the evening. As she is getting ready, her red blouse mysteriously changes to the color green. Then, she notices one of the earrings is now missing five minutes before her date arrives. The clock on her wall ticks louder and louder as time passes each second. She rushes to set up the dinner table and pours herself a glass of red wine. Suddenly, she stops when she notices something crawling in the wine glass. The woman is shocked to find a nest of worms crawling inside. With no reason or explanation for how they got there, she becomes entranced while looking into the glass. Suddenly she feels something in her hand and slowly opens it. It revealed to be the missing earring she thought she had misplaced. With a sigh of relief, her worries are gone as well as the worms in the glass. Just in time when she hears the doorbell ring, knowing her date is here. “


Ty Anctil





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