Vampyros Lesbos (1971)

  • Horror, Cult, Exploitation
  • 1h 29m

From Jesus Franco, the filmmaker the Vatican called the most dangerous director in the world, comes the most celebrated movie of his legendary career. Stunning Soledad Miranda stars as a vixen vampire who lures women to a Mediterranean island to satisfy her insatiable lust for female flesh and blood. It’s a mind-bending odyssey of surreal erotica and ‘70s EuroHorror, featuring the psycho-sexadelic soundtrack that remains a global phenomenon.

Ewa Strömberg (SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY), Dennis Price (VENUS IN FURS), Paul Muller (NIGHTMARE CASTLE) and Franco himself co-star in this landmark cult classic, now remastered in HD and featuring all-new extras filmed with the director shortly before his death. Experience Franco’s masterpiece like you’ve never seen or heard it before!

“A cult landmark in Eurotrash entertainment.” — Essi Berelian, Total Film


Jesús Franco






Spain, Germany, Turkey



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