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We Are the Best! (2013)

Drama, Music 1h 42m 2013

“Overwhelmingly compassionate. A joyous celebration of youth, friendship and rebellion. There is boundless joy to be found in watching the girls’ thunderously confident first steps towards punk superstardom.” - Time Out

“With warmth and affection, it cheerfully celebrates the DIY ethos and the urge to revolt. Affirms that an adolescent girl’s bedroom is as good a place as anywhere to find the ingredients for personal development and political foment.” - Black Book

“Hilarious, touching, and thought provoking, this is a joyous celebration of punk music, female friendship, and, most of all, 13-year-old girls.” - Bust Magazine

WE ARE THE BEST! is a story of three young misfit girls growing up in the early ‘80s Stockholm. Pixieish, mohawk-sporting Klara and her best friend Bobo are 13-year-old rebels looking for a cause. Despite having no instruments—or discernible musical talent—the two put all their energy into forming an all-girl punk band, recruiting their shy, classical guitar-playing schoolmate Hedwig as a third wheel. With tender affection for its young characters, WE ARE THE BEST! paints a joyous and sharply observant portrait of the rebellious spirit of youth and growing up different.


Lukas Moodysson


Lukas Moodysson

Graphic Novel

Coco Moodysson






Sweden, Denmark


Magnolia Pictures

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