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Who Killed Captain Alex?

1h 4m Action, Comedy, Crime, Cult, Epic, Exploitation, Feature, Indie, Wakaliwood, War 2010

Welcome to Wakaliwood, Uganda: home of “DA BEST OF DA BEST MOVIES!”

Under the guidance of writer/producer/director Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey (IGG) and with producer/star Alan Ssali Hofmanis, this crack crew of self-taught filmmakers and martial arts aficionados produce dozens of gonzo action films in the Kampala ghetto with budgets that rarely exceed $200 USD. Utilizing scrap parts to build computers, machine guns and a full-sized Huey helicopter, these real-life superheroes inspire more heart, imagination and soul than a thousand Hollywood blockbusters.

“WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX contains Ugandan commandos, kung fu, a MIDI version of Seal’s KISS FROM A ROSE, a rambunctious (and sometimes farting) in-film commentary track, and some more supa action. It’s a bat-shit crazy milestone to be honored in the film history books.” — Nick Allen, The Film Stage


Nabwana I.G.G.


Nabwana I.G.G.


English, Swahili





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