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Whose Streets? (2017)

Documentary 1h 42m 2017

Raw and unfiltered, WHOSE STREETS tells the true story of the police shooting of Michael Brown in 2014 and the uprisings in Ferguson, Missouri that announced the activation of the new civil rights movement.

Following activists in the streets as they rally the community and draw the nation’s attention to ongoing civil rights violations by the police, WHOSE STREETS? is a documentary in the most classical sense of the word, bringing us inside the movement and letting us know what it was like to be there, in the moment, on those streets.

A remarkable glimpse into an all-too-recent moment of history, WHOSE STREETS? shows us what’s happening in our nation… and why it’s still happening.

“Rousing, clear-eyed and heart-rending. Here’s what you didn’t see if you aren’t from there.” –Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice


Sabaah Folayan


Damon Davis






Magnolia Pictures

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