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You Should Have Left

1h 33m Horror, Thriller 2020

In this psychological thriller starring Kevin Bacon, a father fights to save his family from a sinister force intent on making him pay for past sins

“YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT has a nifty throwback feel… Kevin Bacon plays the guy seeking to unwind in a very creepy house, adding an extra degree of class to this spare and modest exercise.” - David Lowry, CNN

In this psychological thriller, a father (Bacon) fights to save his family from a sinister force that seems intent on making him pay for his past sins.

Written and directed by seasoned screenwriter David Koepp (Spiderman, Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible, Panic Room). Koepp, a longtime horror fan, previously directed and wrote the screenplay for the Kevin Bacon horror hit STIR OF ECHOES.

Koepp was asked by IGN what provides the tension in this psychological Thriller (which is how he classifies this film): “They’re in a strange place, their marriage is fraught because it shouldn’t be, he’s far too old for her. And we have questions about if each of them is being straight with us. There’s this sort of dark cloud from his past, and there may be secrets in her present,” Koepp explains. “So all that stuff adds up. That really helps out. Tension is what you want.”


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