Young Rebels (1989)

  • Action
  • 1h 33m

A one-man vigilante force (Johnny Greene) teams up with another one-man vigilante force (Tadashi Yamashita) to create a TWO-MAN VIGILANTE FORCE (!!!) determined to take down LA’s most ruthless cartel and its leader (Robert Z’Dar, MANIAC COP).

Though he was responsible for one of the all-time greatest low-budget action films in history — SAMURAI COP! — the bulk of Amir Shervan’s filmography remained unseen until after his death. But without fail, his fearless features were nitro-loaded with every manner of insanity, inanity and inhumanity. Bullets, bikinis and busted teeth were the fuel of Shervan’s flame, and they’re all on full-frontal display in the unforgettable YOUNG REBELS!


Amir Shervan




United States


SGL Entertainment

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