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Zombie Girl

1h 29m Documentary 2009

12-year-old filmmaker Emily Hagins spends two years of her life directing her feature-length zombie film, PATHOGEN while also becoming a teenager.

Screened at Fantastic Fest 2009

Triumphant and joyful.” -

[Zombie Girl] has rough edges, raw passion and real spirit.” - LA Weekly

It’s an inspirational story, of course, and also an illustrative tale for would-be filmmakers of any age.” - Austin Chronicle

The award-winning documentary ZOMBIE GIRL: THE MOVIE tells the story of 12-year-old filmmaker Emily Hagins and the two years she spent directing her feature-length zombie film, PATHOGEN.

With the help of her mother as agent, crew, and biggest fan, Emily launches an epic adventure in genre filmmaking, battling everything from budget shortfalls to self-doubt, all while coming of age as a teenager.

Emily has the vision and her mom has the driver’s license. Together, their journey is an enlightening look at a growing world of young moviemakers and the bloodiest mother/daughter story you’ve ever seen.


Justin Johnson


Aaron Marshall


Erik Mauck




United States


Zombie Girl

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