Zombie (1980)

  • Horror, Cult, Exploitation
  • 1h 31m

This audaciously disgusting spectacle from the late master of gruesome horror, Lucio Fulci, was posited as a semi-sequel to George Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD, which was released in Italy as ZOMBI.

Tisa Farrow and a group of vacationing tourists travel to an island where they find a doctor (Richard Johnson) who is attempting to cure a condition that reanimates the dead. Things quickly get out of control as undead Spanish conquistadors crawl from their graves, hungry for human flesh.

The nauseatingly graphic set-pieces by Gianetto de Rossi include a close-up of a woman’s eye being pierced by a large shard of wood and a zombie fighting a great white shark underwater. This well-made shocker was enormously popular worldwide and led to the zombie-gore film becoming the dominant motif of 1980s Italian horror.

“One of the finest zombie movies ever made.” — Film4


Lucio Fulci



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