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Apple TV

HOW TO WATCH: AppleTV is the recommended viewer. Rent or purchase films through this website, and they will automatically appear on the Alamo On Demand Apple TV app. Roku and Amazon Fire are currently in development. You can also use Chromecast or of course watch films on your laptop or iPad from this site.

ABOUT ALAMO ON DEMAND: Consider us your new video store, or specifically the “Staff Picks” section of a video store. Every single title on Alamo on Demand is curated by a member of the Drafthouse team. If it is here, one of us wants you to see it.

We’ve always believed that practicing and cultivating thoughtful curation has been an essential part of the Alamo Drafthouse formula. From our beginnings as a one-screen repertory theater in an old warehouse in downtown Austin, to launching Fantastic Fest, the United States’ largest genre film festival, to our Drafthouse Recommends program that champions the work of visionary filmmakers like Bong Joon Ho (PARASITE), Jordan Peele (GET OUT), Yorgos Lanthimos (THE FAVORITE), Lulu Wang (THE FAREWELL), Luca Guadagnino (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME), and Jeremy Saulnier (GREEN ROOM)… curation is baked into the culture of Alamo Drafthouse.

After our theaters shut down in mid-March, we saw an overwhelmingly positive response to our Alamo-At-Home digital releases of films like EXTRA ORDINARY, ROAR, SAINT FRANCES, and our Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday titles, further demonstrating that, yeah, the Alamo Drafthouse audience will always seek out challenging, provocative, and occasionally bats!*t insane films… and it’s our job to deliver.

We firmly believe that nothing can or ever will replace the cinematic experience, but we also know that even once our theaters are back up and running (and they will be), we’ll be able to use and evolve this service into something special – a curated library of incredible entertainment that we’ll champion from the festival circuit to our theaters and right into your living room.

Alamo on Demand is also an extension of our Victory loyalty program. We don’t have all the backend worked out for launch, but in the very near future, you’ll receive loyalty program credit for anything you rent or buy from Alamo on Demand and we have lots of fun ideas for future Victory rewards tied to the platform.

For now, we invite you to explore collections of staff picks, or our six-pack bundles of curated themes, some Fantastic Fest Favorites, and hopefully some of them become your new favorites, too.


What are the system requirements?

You can watch on PCs running Windows 7+, and Intel-based Macs running OSX 10.12+. You can also watch on Android tablets and phones using Chrome and on iPhones and iPads using Safari. You will need a broadband or fiber internet connection - dial-up will not work. You’ll find a complete list of requirements below.

What are the requirements for Windows computers?

Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer or Opera. We recommend using the latest version of your browser as earlier versions may not be supported.
Internet Explorer on Windows 7 is no longer supported.

What are the requirements for Mac computers?

MacOS 10.12 or later.
Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. We recommend using the latest version of your browser as earlier versions may not be supported.

Can I watch content on my iPhone/iPad?

Yes, you can watch content using Safari and this requires iOS 11.2 or later. We recommend using the latest version of your browser as earlier versions may not be supported.

Can I watch content on my Android Device?

Yes, you can watch content using Chrome and this requires Android 6.0 or later. We recommend using the latest version of your browser as earlier versions may not be supported.

I can’t stream any of the content, what’s going on?

Check your minimum system requirements above. We recommend that you update to the latest version of your browser.
We use adaptive bitrate streaming which means the streaming quality will automatically adjust based on your internet speed. For High Definition (HD) streaming we recommend VDSL, cable or fibre connections as we cannot guarantee consistent HD streaming on ADSL.

What happens if I forget my password?

Simply click Forgot your password on the Sign In page, enter the email address you used when you created an account and a link to reset your password will be sent to you.

Why does video playback stall or not play smoothly?

If your internet connection is poor or inconsistent you may experience problems during playback.

How can I watch my content on my TV / Other Screens?

iOS and Android player apps are available. You can also Chromecast or Airplay content to compatible devices such as an AppleTV. Native support for Roku and other devices is also in development, and we’ll update information here and on Alamo social media when they are ready.

What devices can I Chromecast from?

You can Chromecast from a Chrome web browser on PC and Mac computers as well as Android devices.

Do I get Victory points for renting or buying a VOD title?

That’s the plan eventually, but we’ve still got some wires to untangle. Expect more on that down the road.

Can I use an Alamo Drafthouse gift card to rent or purchase?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I pay with the credit card stored in the Alamo mobile app?

They’re different apps with different settings. You’ll need to enter your payment details into Alamo On Demand separately – Alamo On Demand doesn’t know about the credit card you use to buy movie tickets.

Can I use Season Pass to pay for VOD?

No, right now Season Pass is only for use for tickets to theatrical screenings.

Download the app to view your purchased content!