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No human alive (or otherwise) has spent more time chronicling celluloid’s various underbellies than the venerable Joe Bob Briggs. His appreciation of exploitation, horror, and all other drive-in delights has made him the foremost authority on countless genres. Now in collaboration with The Press Room we are celebrating one of Hollywood’s greatest eras, the classic criminal cinema of Film Noir.

“The women were just as tough as the men in the melodramas called ‘film noir’ by the French, and the name stuck even though this genre is as distinctly American as the western.

Between 1946 and 1964, these low-budget black-and-white journeys into the tenements, back alleys, and fleabag hotels of the desperate and the dispossessed taught us that passion is a snare, cynicism is strength, and sacrifice is for fools — until one transforming moment, usually in the final scene, when the American weakness for the underdog and the downtrodden leads to redemption — Jackie Gleason giving all his money to Anthony Quinn so the punch-drunk boxer won’t know he was a patsy, or Paul Newman turning his back on George C. Scott in the last big-time pool hall he’ll ever play in.

Film noir is known as a ‘dark’ and pessimistic genre, but it’s in fact the opposite — outwardly weak characters with inner strength defeating strong men who are corrupt to the bone. These are 90-minute masterpieces about the ability of a single person, however flawed, to change the world.” - Joe Bob Briggs

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Touch of Evil
1h 35m Crime, Drama 1958
Criss Cross
1h 24m Crime, Drama 1949
The Killers
1h 40m Crime, Drama 1946
Dead Reckoning (1947)
1h 40m Drama, War 1947
In a Lonely Place
1h 34m Drama, Romance 1950
1h 50m Drama, Romance 1946
Sunset Boulevard
1h 50m Drama, Film Noir 1950
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1h 57m Drama 1946
I Walk Alone
1h 37m Crime, Drama 1948
Ace In The Hole
1h 51m Drama, Film Noir 1951

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