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If there’s one thing we know at Alamo Drafthouse, it’s that we all need the escape of a good film — and perhaps now more than ever. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Texas Tribune Festival to bring four of the biggest must-see documentaries to the Festival’s monthlong virtual program through Alamo-on-Demand.

With this partnership, BOYS STATE, A THOUSAND CUTS, STOCKTON ON MY MIND, JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE will be made available for Festival badge holders to screen each Saturday in September.

If you’re new to The Texas Tribune Festival, let us fill you in. TribFest is one of the nation’s largest and buzziest annual gatherings that brings together politicians, activists, advocates, lawmakers and media icons for days of discussions on politics, policy and current events. This year, the 10th annual Festival has been reimagined as a virtual experience with 30 days of programs, inviting attendees to participate in the day’s biggest conversations from wherever they are.

Where else could you hear from Hillary Clinton, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Ted Cruz and Willie Nelson at one event?

Check out the films below and get tickets to TribFest today.


Texas Tribune Festival

At The Ready Q&A
30m Documentary 2021
Changing The Game Q&A
30m Documentary 2021
At the Ready
1h 36m Documentary 2021
Changing The Game
1h 35m Documentary 2021

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