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Campus Events + Entertainment invites you to take part in the 12th Annual Texas Union Film Festival! TUFF will challenge, entertain, and move you. The event showcases and celebrates the rich tradition of student filmmaking at the University of Texas and seeks to connect student filmmakers with the wider Austin film community.

For the TUFF 2021 Program with more information regarding our festival’s judges and panels please click on the link above!


TUFF - 2021

TUFF- Take Me Home
10m Comedy 2019
5m Drama 2020
TUFF - Six Seconds
9m Drama 2020
TUFF - Scavengers!
5m Action, Animation 2020
TUFF - Salvando A Salvador
12m Drama, Comedy 2020
TUFF - Portrait of Cary Fagan
8m Documentary 2020
TUFF - Murder for Hire
2m Action 2020
TUFF - The Ice Cream Monster
6m Horror 2021
TUFF - The Hunt for Craggy Maw
11m Action
TUFF - Hundred Flowers Project
13m N/A 2020
TUFF - Hit & Run
9m Action, Comedy 2021
TUFF - High Achievement
2m Psychological Drama 2020
TUFF - Fortune Favors the Bold
12m Drama 2021
TUFF - Curtain Call
2m Horror 2021
TUFF - Chickenhawk
3m Comedy 2020
TUFF- Anomalies
3m experimental 2020
TUFF - Agreement
8m Animation, Documentary 2020

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